The story begins the week after the first race at Cape Breton Dragway when our trusty VW burned a piston and was out for the season. Started looking for a replacement and found this 1996 Saturn SC-1 Coupe for a miserly $175. I figured since my brother has a lot of experience with these cars I should at least look at it. To make a long story short a can of Seafoam engine cleaner stopped the smoking, a few front end parts had to be changed to make the car safe to race and my brother cured all the other problems the car came with and we still had not spent $250.
First thing we did was take it home, give it a good scrubbing with soap and water and a coat of Turtle Wax. Next step was to swap the wheels for the ones that were on the VW when it died(same bolt pattern).
A few decals, car number and class, a dial-in on the window and we're back racing in the Sportsman class for the ADRA event in July. Went rounds in both Sportsman class and No Box Gamblers race - not bad for a total investment of less than $300