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We are at the former DEVCO wash plant facility on Grand Lake Road close to Sydney,
 Glace Bay and New Waterford, and a short drive
 from North Sydney and Sydney Mines. We are about 400 Km. / 250 Mi. from
 Halifax and a ferry ride away from Newfoundland.

Finding Cape Breton Dragway

Cape Breton Dragway Track Officials
Race Director -- Gary Pozzebon       Starter -- Billy Desveaux, Natasha Hogan
Announcers -- Ron Desveaux, Doug Desveaux  
Data Entry -- Natasha Hogan, Gerard Bryden
Starting Line Crew -- Tommy Hogan, David MacMillan,
Kevin Burke, Kevin Sampson,
Staging Lanes -- Kevin Cann
Time Cards -- Jacob Starzyczny
First Responder -- Paul Vienneau
Gate/Registration -- Patricia Pozzebon, Becky Pozzebon


Since early March our entire world was hurled into a state that many people never realized could even exist. Health issues really know of no boundries and so being aware and practicing good health habits is our best defence at this stage. We are now almost six months into this situation and to move forward we all need to learn how to continue our lives with the threat of COVID-19 present. There will always be opinions and debates on both sides of this, but for Cape Breton Dragway to actually open and host some racing action, there will be many changes. At the root of all this, is a group of hard working volunteers who have accepted the guidelines as presented, and it is now our mandate to deliver a safe enviroment that we can race on. There will be a list of key messages to follow here and at the end, there will be a link of our official ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM.
AUGUST 15-16
* First event has been scheduled for August 15-16
* This will be the test race to see if we can maintain our good health practices.
* Currectly we are Restricted to 250 people on site
* For this first event preference with be for CBDRA members
* Entry fees will be for two days (NO ONE DAY PASSES)
* It will cost $100 per class entry  * Junior Dragsters $30 per entry
* Crew members are $25 each    * Maximum of two crew members per entry
* Masks will be required to gain entry to the site
* If you are outside of your pit space, mask or helmet (full face) will be required (NO EXCEPTIONS*)
* Registration will be only through the online system, as will entry fee payments.
* Etransfer fees to:
* At the gate, security will direct you to the registration bus where you receive your
 tech cards, bracelets,    and information pack.
* Bracelets will be worn on the wrist only and security will not let you in if its on your hat. (NO EXCEPTIONS)
* Gate security will be set up Friday evening to help accommodate any early arrivals.
* Gate will reopen Saturday at 8:00am and is scheduled to close at 1pm Saturday.
* There will be payouts in each class but at this stage no trophies.
* If you struggle with following all of the posted guidelines, please consider other plans,
 and please always be respectful of our volunteers.
* During completion of the registration form, please put an "X" in any box that does not apply to you.
Registration form - CLICK HERE

For further information on 2020 plans at Cape Breton Dagway
Please check the Maritime Drag Racers Message Board

Entry Fees will ONLY be refunded under the two following conditions:
(1) Your car fails tech inspection and cannot be made suitable to pass tech.
(2) Your car breaks BEFORE you make your first run for the weekend .

Pets welcome but must be on leashes and please clean up after them.
Garbage cans are on site.

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Located at the former DEVCO Wash Plant - Victoria Junction
Operated by Members of the
Cape Breton Drag racing Association

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