2019 Race Results

2019 Race Results
2019 Race Results
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Race Report- Greenfield Dragway, September 20-22, 2019

A fantastic forecast saw 208 entries converge for the season finale at Greenfield. The weekend schedule featured Atlantic Stock-Superstock Series and gamblers racing on Saturday followed by the Greenfield Drag Racing Series and ADRA on Sunday.
Here are the eliminator results:
No Box Gamblers
Winner- Rickey Nauss Jr
Runner-up- Brian Robar
Semi-finalist- Pug Smith

Box Gamblers
Winner- John Croft
Runner-up- Corey Massey
Semi-finalists- Blair Walker

Junior Dragster Gamblers
Winner- Dillon Bolger
Runner-up- Wyatt Rankin
Semi-finalist- Gavin Pozzebon

ACSSA Saturday Results
Winner- G/SA Mike Ingram
Runner-up- C/SA Don Lavoie
Semi-finalist- Jeremy Keans

ACSSA Sunday Results
Winner- G/SA Mike Ingram
Runner-up- C/SA Don Lavoie
Semi-finalist-  SS/KA Alan Harper

Greenfield Points Series
Super Pro
Winner: Barrett Bonnar, Yarmouth, NS
Runner-up:  Michael Whynot, Middle Sackville
Third:  Brett Ramsay, Wellington, PE
Winner:  Mike Ingram, Middle Sackville, NS
Runner-up:  Lewis MacDonald, New Glascow, NS
Third:  Vaughn Boone, Windsor, NS
Winner:  Ryan Thibeault, Wilmot, NS
Runner-up:  Terrell Provo, Dartmouth, NS
Third:  Gus Longaphie, New Argyle, PE
Bike/ Sled
Winner: Brian Hedd, Dieppe, NB
Runner-up: Michelle Smith, Scotch Village, NS
Third: Ron Dominix, Lunenburg, NS
Junior Dragster
Winner:  MacKenzie Powers, Lakeville West, NB
Runner-up: Wyatt Rankin, Mount Rankin
Third: Gavin Pozzebon, Gardiner Mines, NS
Race Report- Greenfield Dragway, August 23-25, 2019
It was a fantastic weather weekend at the dragway, a far cry from the dismal weather encountered earlier in the season. With a total of 166 entries on the grounds and an action packed-schedule…it turned out to be quite a show!
The weekend schedule featured the annual bracket bash, The Top Sportsman-Top Dragster series, followed by the Atlantic Stock-Superstock and Greenfield Drag Racing Series on Sunday.
Here are the eliminator results:
Top Dragster / Top Sportsman Combo
Winner- Brett Ramsay
Runner-up- Jim Green
Semi-finalist- Jason MacNeil, Glenn MacLean
Bracket Bash, No Box
Winner- Chad Ramsay
Runner-up- Mike Ingram
Semi-finalist- Tony MacNeil, Jeremy Keans
Quarter-finalists- Dave Joudrey, Danny Hirtle, Chad Cronin
Round of 16- Greg Nickerson, John Rankin, Glenn Frizzell, Ryan Thibeault, Kevin Brown, Bill Sheppard, Brendan Smith
Bracket Bash, Box
Winner- Barret Bonnar
Runner-up- Brian Mansfield
Semi-finalists- Darrell Poole
Quarter-finalists- Blair Walker, Mark Green
Round of 16- Terry Brown, John Croft, Chad Ramsey, Josh Goodwin

Junior Dragster Shootout, A Ladder
Winner- Kale Johnson
Runner-up- Wyatt Rankin
Semi-finalist- Bryson MacNeil
Junior Dragster Shootout, B Ladder
Winner- MacKenzie Powers
Runner-up- Gavin Pozzebon
Semi-finalists- Jacy Pozzebon
Junior Dragster King of the Hill- Kale Johnson
ACSSA Results
Winner- H/SA Jeremy Keans
Runner-up- I/SA Jack Kierstead
Semi-finalist- F/SA Chris Chapman
Greenfield Points Series
Super Pro
Winner: Corey Massey, Chelsea, NS
Runner-up: Dwight Stafford, Milton, NS
Third: John Croft, Blockhouse
Winner: Mike Ingram, Middle Sackville, NS
Runner-up: Rob Baxter, Mount Uniacke, NS
Third: Sheldon Casavechia, Dartmouth, NS
Winner: Dawson Toombs, Hunter River, PE
Runner-up: Ricky Swaine, Shelburne, NS
Third: Terrel Provo, Dartmouth, NS
Bike/ Sled
Winner: Rickey Nauss Jr, Blockhouse, NS
Runner-up: Glenn Frizzell, Charlottetown, PE
Third: Glenn Frizzell, Charlottetown, PE
Junior Dragster
Winner: Bryson MacNeil, Stellarton, NS
Runner-up: Cale MacKay, Mineville, NS
Third: Bri Toombs, Hunter River, PE
Race Report- Greenfield Dragway, Aug 3-4
Saturday Gambler's Race Results
Box Final:
W Blair Walker, 9.372 ET, 9.31 dial, .041 RT, -.064 MOV
L Brian Mansfield, 8.488 ET, 8.50 dial, .050 RT
No Box Final:
W Jeremy Keans, 11.165 ET, 11.11 dial, .047 RT, .058 MOV
L Brian Robar, 11.536 ET, 11.55 dial, .174 RT
Junior Gamblers Race 1:
W Kale Johnson, 8.470 ET, 8.39 dial, .098 RT, .186 MOV
L Jacob Massey, 12.376 ET, 12.19 dial, .179 RT
Junior Gamblers Race 2:
W Kale Johnson, 8.662 ET, 8.42 dial, .040 RT, .057 MOV
L Wyatt Rankin, 9.621 ET, 9.49 dial, .208 RT
Sunday Race Results
Super Pro:
Top Qualifier- Doug Decker, Brooklyn, NS, 9.705 ET on 9.70
W Blair Walker, 9.320 ET, 9.32 dial, .027 RT, .017 MOV
L Tony MacNeil, 10.657 ET, 10.66 dial, .048 RT
W Corey Massey, 9.068 ET, 9.06 dial, .015 RT, -.003 MOV
L Tommy Vickery, 10.235 ET, 10.26 dial, .044 RT
W Blair Walker, 9.311 ET, 9.31 dial, .009 RT, .035 MOV
L Corey Massey, 9.085 ET, 9.06 dial, .021 RT
Top Qualifier- Brian Robar, Caledonia, NS, 11.560 ET on 11.56
W Rob Baxter, 11.713 ET, 11.66 dial, .010 RT, -.053 MOV
L Bill Sheppard, 12.016 ET, 12.07 dial, .063 RT
W Vaughn Boone, 11.288 ET, 11.18 dial, .012 RT, -.141 MOV
L Jack Kierstead, 11.520 ET, 11.55 dial, .009 RT
W Rob Baxter, 11.759 ET, 11.66 dial, .140 RT
L Vaughn Boone, BROKE

Top Qualifier- C. Robar, Caledonia, 15.565 ET, 15.55
W Barry Merritt, 14.362 ET, 14.30 dial, .065 RT, .003 MOV
L Josh Rainforth, 13.868 ET, 13.86 dial, .159 RT
W Daniel Keddy, 15.516 ET, 15.22 dial, .571 RT
W Barry Merritt, 14.547 ET, 14.30 dial, .076 RT, -.109 MOV
L Daniel Keddy, 15.207 ET, 15.22 dial, .226 RT

Top Qualifier- Devin Mansfield, Milton, NS, 10.626 ET, 10.60
W Kevin King, 11.036 ET, 10.95 dial, .049 RT, .012 MOV
L Tom Code, 10.965 ET, 10.95 dial, .132 RT
W David Coombs, 11.732 ET, 9.85 dial, .352 RT
W Kevin King, 11.085 ET, 11.00 dial, .128 RT, -.004 MOV
L David Coombs, 9.930 ET, 10.07 dial, .349 RT
Junior Dragster:
Top Qualifier- Kale Johnson, Milton, NS, JRD, 8.376 ET, 8.36
W Wyatt Rankin, 9.414 ET, 9.41 dial, -.011 RT, -.028 MOV
L Jacob Massey, 12.209 ET, 12.17 dial, -.074 RT
W Kale Johnson, 8.435 ET, 8.36 dial, .007 RT
W Wyatt Rankin, 12.561 ET, 9.40 dial, .065 RT, -3.250 MOV
L Kale Johnson, 8.432 ET, 8.37 dial, -.087 RT
Congratulations to all the winners!
Action picks up again August 23-25 with a full schedule of action that includes the annual big dollar bracket bash, top sportsman / top dragster series on Saturday and the Atlantic Stock / Superstock series and class eliminations on Sunday. See you then!
Massey, MacNeil and Johnson Win Gambler's Saturday at Greenfield
Greenfield Dragway kicked-off the 2019 race season with their first points meet over the weekend. A total of 106 entries participated in Friday evening time trials and Saturday's gambler racing action; Sunday's eliminators were cancelled due to rain.
The No Box category had 54 entries for round one. Round five semi final had Danni Rippey take the single while Tony MacNeil from Scotch Village took on Jeremy Keans of Liverpool in the H/SA Camaro. MacNeil went .004 hitting the bottom and took a 10.94 on his 10.90 dial to out-do Kean's solid 10.99 on the 10.97 and .034 reaction. In the final Rippey rolled the Solara in tad early at -.049 RT to give the automatic win to MacNeil.
The box category for those optionally equipped with delay boxes had 19 entries. The semi featured non-delay carrying Mike Leslie in the Pro S-10, along with Corey Massey and Doug Decker in their high-flying Super Pro Chevy's. Leslie took the single to advance to the final while Decker and Massey squared-off. Double D went 9.66 on the .62 dial with a .039 hit at the tree but Massey bettered that with an .012 RT and a 9.077 to grab the stripe by .002. Leslie was respectable in the final with an .055 RT and 11.25 on the 11.21 dial-in but Massey was tighter and tracked him down with a 9.032 on the 9.01 and a .033 RT to take the win.

Race Report- Greenfield Dragway
The Junior Dragster eliminator was round robin format for Jacob Massey, Kale Johnson and Wyatt Rankin. Johnson took first, Rankin second and Jacob third.
Action resumes June 28-30, it's the Canada Day Showdown featuring heads-up 8.90, 9.90 and 10.90 Atlantic Pro Tree Series and gambler's racing on Saturday followed by the ADRA and Greenfield Dragway points series on Sunday.