Project Lone Ranger
April 2017 we found out this little truck was available less engine/transmission so cheap we couldn't pass it up. Price? Let's just say we couldn't have even bought the four ProStar rims for what we paid for it. Evan came with radiator and a set of small block Chev fenderwell headers and even a battery that took a charge even though it had been sitting a couple of years.
 I took it to Dad's for a couple days so I could make room home in the driveway for it and start to try to make it into a race car again. First thing we did was get rid of the street tires and picked up a used set of Moroso fronts.
Next step in the process was to  take it out to Dad's garage and start getting it ready for all the small block Chev parts we had kicking around since the 1980s. Since we had an old cast internals 1984 GMC 350 on hand since forever we decided to do the rings and bearings deal and cross our fingers it would stay together long enough to get our feet wet in something a little quicker than our last two 4 cylinder Sportsman cars.
1992 VW Golf and a 1997 Saturn SC -1