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Mark Howes' Dart at Columbus, Ohio
John Armstrong 1969 Corvette SS/BA
Englishtown N.J  -  Mark and Wendell Howes' Mopars and then SS/BA Record Holder John Armstrong's 1969 Camaro
(Now owned by Brian Oakes) Thanks to Bruce Beigler - Managing Editor  of for the great photos
From our Inbox: Moe from Moe's Auto Works sent me this pic of my car,
1988 Sanair. Thought it might bring back some memories.
Bill Campbell
Editor's Note: For more information on Bill's car check out Readers
Rides Page 3 - Click HERE
Congratulations to John Armstrong on his 8 second SS/BA
pass and to brother Allyn for his performance at the same NHRA event.
Thanks to Bruce Beigler from
for the photo of
our own maritime
From July 15 Photo of the day: Darryl Gallagher Photo
From July 15 Photo of the day:
Vince Hazel at Queens County Raceway. - Jim Hanley photo
From July 14 Photo of the day:
Stocker action from Queens County Raceway. - Jim Hanley photo
From Gerry Clow: I found these in my files so i thought you would be happy to put them in your S/SS page. Below is Vince Hazel's Pontiac CF/SA, a car he held more records with than the Dodge wagon. It came with a 2.8 liter GM motor.
Above is Sam Harper's 1981 mopar that he ran in SS/GT/IA with a 360.
The third is a car you must remember well, Mr Riley's factory 1964 Dodge Max Wedge 426 wagon. I believe he still has it seating in his garage.
"Hi.  Just wondering if I qualify as a Maritime Stocker? I was born &
raised in NFLD & moved to Calgary in 1978. I have an 81 Dodge Ram 150 that runs in E & FT/SA. It has a 360 built by Lee Bros. Performance of Red Deer Alberta. It also has 904 tranny with an 8" Munsinger torque convertor & an 8.75 rearend with 4.88 gears. I run 30 by 9 Hoosiers on the rear with the tallest front runners i could find on the front. The truck weighs a minimum of 3810 lbs in E & 4070 in F. Our quickest ET to date is 11.736 at 109.78 MPH. At sea level it runs consistent 1.51 60ft times. We race mostly in western canada at NHRA div.6 tracks. Thank you for your time. "
Randy Hutchings ET/SA 6006
-------------------------------------------------------- photos
Wendell Howes - SS/AA Hemi 'Cuda
Best ET: 9.24      Best MPH: 145    Weight: 3170 lbs photo
Mark Howes SS/BA 1964 Hemi Belvedere
Mark's Belvedere is one of a handful of "factory"  race cars with aluminum
bumper, fenders and hood - Another characteristic of these rare Mopars
is the missing inner headlights - regular Belvederes had four.
Best ET: 9.77    Best MPH: 137   Weight: 3425 lbs
Wendell and Mark have a class operation here with these rare Mopars.
Rumor has it they're also building a Stocker.
-------------------------------------------------------- photos
John Armstrong - Nova Scotia - A & J Automotive
1969 Camaro SS / BA  Best ET 9.05   Best MPH 144
Fred Thiebault's 1969 Camaro - Fred is one of the most successful
Maritime Racers having won the NHRA Keystone Nationals
1976 Lounsbury Nova K / SA D. Phillips photo
D. Phillips photo
Malcolm London  305 L/SA 80 Malibu  St. John N.B.
Gerry Clow's "Aggravation" D/SA Cobra Jet Mustang   G.Clow photo
Thanks to Gerry for filling in the blanks about a lot af these cars.
For example:  Wayne Deveau SS/GT Olds Middleton N.S.( this was Fred
Thiebault old car that was owned by Stan B before Wayne bought it a few
years ago.) Ray Ingram 350-255hp J/SA 69 Chevy Middle Sackville N.S.
(This was Phil Archibald's  old car that he raced for years before Ray
bought it)  Raymond (Boom) Melanson K/SA 76 350 Nova Moncton N.B.
( this car was build by Rodney Freeman) - Dan Ryan 396-265hp Q/SA 69 Chevy Moncton N.B. - Malcolm London 305 L/SA 80 Malibu St. John N.B.
Bill Campbell 428cj E/SA 69 Fairlane Moncton N.B. ( because of
high hp rating this car can no longer run in G/SA but must run in E or F)
 Richard Wilson from Jacksonville NB 1969 Camaro SS/JA  D.Gallagher phoyo
350-255hp Allyn Armstrong built motor.
 1969 Malibu Convertible J/SA  D. Phillips photo
1969 Fairlane G / SA - PEI photo  D. Phillips photo
1970 Firebird F/SA D. Phillips photo
The SS/GT Camaro of Blair Macdonald D.Gallagher photo
Bruce Riley SS/EA 1971 Chevelle
Bruce built his 1971 Chevelle from scratch starting in 1996 and finally
finishing it in 1998. He took it to Virginia Motorsports Park  for his first
run  and ran a 9:80 , then proceeded to Indianapolis and then back to
the Dutch Classics in Pennsylvannia where he ran a 9:64. The car has
brought him a runner-up win at Budd's Creek, Maryland  where he
went the fastest with a 9:58  at 138 m.p.h. . The car has won Class
Eliminator as Englishtown, N.J, Maple Grove, Pennsylvania and
Rockingham, N.C. The car is a 454 LS6, rated at 425 h.p. . National Index
is 10.65 . Cars minimum weight is 3620 lbs.
 The 1982 Camaro Bruce had for 15 years. First built the Camaro and
ran it in Super Stock GT/FA with a 350 c.i.d. 255h.p. Then went to GT/DA
with a 350 c.i.d. 300 h.p. Sold it in the fall of 2001 to Tom Sapata of
Williamstown, N.J. who actually bought it for his 18 year old daughter for
her graduation gift. She is now running it as a bracket car and will turn it
over to a Super Stock car at a later date.
Phil Archibald's Vette at the Dutch Classic in Maple Grove

Phil's 1968 Corvette is a  427 tri-power (oval port motor) factory rated
at 400hp,NHRA rated at 390.  Runs A/SA at 3315 lbs and B/SA at 3485 lbs.
Best time in A/SA is 10.57   -  B/SA is 10.64.  {on 9" tires - editor}  
The car was completed inside and  out by Phil in his own shop.
D.Gallagher photo

Bill Sheppard's "Straight Forward" Stocker G.Clow photo
D.Gallagher photo

Dan Ryan 1969 Chevy Wagon Q/SA  **Editor's Favourite**G.Clow photo
Wayne Deveau's SS/GT Olds Starfire getting lots of hook D.Gallagher photo