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From our Inbox: Hello There! First off, I wanted to let you know how much I
enjoy your site!  Its great that you folks do so much to keep the sport going in
the Maritimes.  I thought that you might like the photos that I have attached.
Two are from my father's racing days and the others are from Maitland in the
late 80s.  There is an explanation regarding the 1964 Galaxie 500 XL photo.
The car was the ultimate sleeper in that folks were under the impression that
it was a 220 hp 352 when in fact it was a 425 hp 427.  (Hence "Honest Bob")
The car turned high 13s and the photo was taken at the track in Scoudoc in
the late 60s.  Cheers, Keith

Keith Messenger - Acting Director for Nova Scotia Youth Secretariat
424-3780    499-3490 (cell)
May 14 - From our Inbox: Find attached a couple of old photos I scanned. They are of a public exhibition on Prince Street in Sydney by the CBDRA. The orange Dart belonged to Blair Buchanan  the red/white/blue Dart belongs to MacIntyre Brothers of New Waterford and the 53? Ford to Ticker Macintyre of New Waterford.
Regards - Michael Buchanan
Feb 26 - From our Inbox:
Greetings: Attaching six photos for the Maritime Drags nostalgia pages, all taken
by me in 1964 at Scoudouc Dragway - geese, that's 41 years ago!  I was
a member of the Moncton Speed & Custom Club who operated the strip.  I
took these photos with my father's simple roll film camera, which lead
me to progress to better cameras.   These photos aren't the greatest,
but might bring some memories back to some old fogeys like myself.
Bob Boudreau
409 Pontiac Parisienne - don't know anything but what is in the photo.
 At the time Pontiacs in Canada were Chevs under the skin, not like
those in the U.S., which were different.   That's why this rare bird
with a Chevy 409 in it.
Dodge "Licorice Stick" operated by Joe Murray of Brewer, Maine.   It
was a 426 wedge head car, not a hemi.  Joe liked to come to Moncton on
Saturday afternoon and spend the evening at the tavern with some of
the club members.   Boys our heads hurt early Sunday morning at the
drag strip when this one was fired up!
Uncle Henry - Henry J operated by the Cluster Busters Car Club of
Halifax (I think).  Can't recall what powered it.  Two shots.
Walter Brooks' Henry J - was one of the top contenders when racing
first started at Scoudouc.   It says Ford on the hood, so I guess
that's what powered it.
Roadster - Don't recall anything about it, other than Peter Gray had
something to do with it, I think he's the guy in the middle.
Bob Boudreau
From our inbox - a dozen photos from Raceway Park PEI - Taken back in the
late 70's by Dave MacKinnon's brother. First photo below is Dave in the
front engined dragster.
Here are a few photos for your nostalgia section. These are the three
dragsters that my father and I ( Neil and Chris O'Neill) ran back in the
early to mid 1980's. The black dragster was originally put together to
run as a C/ED and ran a best of 9.09 on an index then of 8.70.
The photo above is the first time it "really" hooked up. Needless to say
wheelie bars were on order after this race! Later on we raced it as a S/Pro.
The red dragster was built and run as a Super Comp dragster at
Pennfield, Oyster Bed, Sackville, and Maitland, powered by a Paul
Arsenault built 468 big block chevy. It ran a best of 8.64 at 155 mph.

The rear engined dragster was bought in Boston and powered by the same
big block chevy with a best run of 8.59 at 158 mph. I ran this car in
1987, capturing the Super Comp points title at both Oyster Bed Bridge
and Maitland racetracks. In all fairness though, there was only a
handful of Super Comp cars around then, not like the Super Pro fields of
today. I still freqent the race tracks and see a lot of the same faces
racing today that I raced with back then. Hope these pictures bring back
lots of memories!!!
Chris O'Neill
Feb 12 - 28 NEW PHOTOS
Don some pictures I came across from 1983. They were taken in PEI and
Sackville. The red 70 Chevelle (396) is mine, ran in the 13's, the brown Popular belongs to Dave Puddicome also from NFLD. 440 mopar, 4 speed. A handful to drive. Ran in the 10's I believe. The other 2 are of my Camaro that I ran for 4 years before totalling in Clarenville. Hope some of the pictures are of interest.
Dave Anthony
EDITOR'S NOTE: George White has posted some photos from Port
Hawkesbury and Margaree Cape Breton Drag Racing from back in the
mid 1990's - Just click on the link below to visit the page.
December 29 - 38 new photos from Garnet Nicholson
HI Don here are some photos I came across .They are from Sackville and P.E.I around 1977 to 1980   
Garnet Nicholson
A couple of  Allyn Armstrong cars
Jim Morrisons "Moon Shot"Camaro.
 Some of Stan Brennan's cars
Fred Thibeault Super Stockers.
Some more of John Armstrong SS/J
 Dave Deans  Triple E car.
Louie Smiths SS/KA at Sackville.
The Herny J at Sackville and P.E.I.
 .Dave Deans OPEL
More cars from Sackville and P.E.I.       
 A Camaro and Bruce Riley A/EA at Sackville.
A 1969 Ford at Sackville.
John Armstrongs Pinto at P.E.I.
Don and Greg Nickerson T for 2  A/EA.
LOBO II at Sackville.
Barry Patons B/EA funny car .
Garnet Nicholson C/SM Nova
Greg Nickerson SS/EA Heritage Cedar Homes car .
Norm Carsons SS/AA Hemi Cuda
Brian Johnsons Vega  before and after.
Chum Bruce SS/IA.
The Camaro is Glen Walkers the Duster is Chis Estabrooks this car is sitting outside in a driveway rusting
Mon Amie A/SM .  at  P.E.I.
Hi, i was going thru the old photo album from when i was a little
tyke, and found some old shots from oyster bed bridge.
I think they're from around 1987. sorry about the quality  Nick Verge
Stan's Speed Shop 1948 Angia in 1974 running a 230 6 cyl. chev.
 Back then it ran 11.6 at 119 mph with a 6 and a 3500 lb car.
Talk about old? Here is a picture of Glenn Maclean's 69 camaro the
very First day it came to Maitland. I recall the driveshaft breaking
both yokes off and smashing the transmission tunnell to shreds.
Glenn went on to race this car for  years  earning the reputation as
one of the baddest super street cars in the maritime provinces
 Ironically the person who took this picture was me ( Michael Whynot)
who vowed the very first time he saw this car  when it was for sale
He would own it!
The infamous Farkonas - Coil - Minick "Chi Town Hustler"
Most of you will recognize the middle name here as none other than John Force's right hand man Austin Coil. Photo by Editor - Sanair 1983
From Editor - Found these 6 photos in one of my old photo albums.
sometime mid to late 70's - first two from Sackville - rest are from PEI.