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From: Blair Furlotte - While searching for Queen's County Raceway info, I followed a link to your site. It brought back a few memories so I dug out the old albums and scanned a few shots for you. I took these pictures for a handful of races I was a spectator at  back in the early 80's at the
Sackville International Raceway.   See one of Bill Sheppard's early
rides and the crew putting the rear slick in the trunk of the Heritage
 Cedar Homes '69 Camaro after it popped off at the start line. I guess
 something had to give, it carried the front wheels in the air all
 day long before that little incident. I'm kind of a mopar fan, but
that car was one of my favorites to watch. Good luck with the web
site and raceway. - Blair Furlotte, Bridgewater NS.

Editor's note: See a recent photo on Readers Section page

From: Wayne Morris

 Here's a couple of pics from May Run 1985 of Allyn Armstrong's Comp Opel. One on the line and the other about 30 seconds later. I believe this car was rebuilt and sold to Jim Morrison, which was later destroyed in a top-end wreck at Oyster Bed, Luckily Allyn was out of the car before anybody even got there. It veered right off the line and got
close to the rail and then shot left to the grass where it pitch-polled and finished as you see.

From Jim Hanley - Queens county Raceway: Hi Don, here's some early
1960's  photos taken at Maitland.
1st car is Carl Krypt's 62 Ford from N.B. 2nd - Beaver Coughlin's 55 Ford which had an engine swap from the old 292 / 312 family to a 390 cu. in.FE series also from N.B. - 3rd Lenny Currey's 58 Retractable Hardtop (oh what that baby would be worth now) from Dartmouth N.S.
My Dad's 63 that he also pulled the tricks with. It came new with a 390
with 4 speed. Out came the 390 and more cross the border shopping and she grew a 427 police interceptor which believe me when he went to Maitland with that and still had the bird emblem on the front fenders saying 390 didn't pull the wool over anyone's eyes this time cause someone let the bird out of the bag. He was running high 13's  low 14's with this and everyone else with their 390's were running high 15's to mid 16's. He raced last in Maitland with a new 66 Fairlane GT 390 4 banger (don't have a single photo of it) and that was right around when Maitland died the first time. Now you now how racing got in my blood. I used to run around Maitland in the 60's just like the kids do at my track now. We had some real nice photos of out of province cars but over the years they

Below: Local Newspaper photo  of
My Dad's big day with his 58 in the local news season end of 62 season.
Photos at left taken in Maitland
way back when...

1st picture is the pit area
2nd is the staging lanes opening early Sunday morning
3rd is Sunday morning again with the old famous "you can't start your engines til noon" church in the background.

Above: Far lane is my dad with his 58 that he ran in 4 classes A,B, Stock and Super/Stock and that year he won 150 events in the four different classes. The car started out with a 332 to a 361 bored beyond it's limits and finishing out with a 406 police interceptor which wasn't marketed in canada till the next year. My grandparents lived in the Boston area so Basil (my dad) slipped a few tricks to N.S. early. This would have answered a lot of questions back then had the other racers know his tricks.

Special thanks to Jim Hanley
from Queens County Raceway for the excellent photos and
and the neat stories. Check out the Queens County Raceway website - Click below:

Tony MacNeil's Austin Pickup

Below: A few photos from the now closed Maitland track - I guess that
qualifies them for "Nostalgia" status.
S Phillips photos
S Phillips photos
S Phillips photos
Berny Corscadden sent us a couple of shots of his old front engined
dragster he used to run back in the early 1980's - It was equipped with
a tunnel rammed LS7 / Glide / 8 3/4 - Body was an extensively modified
23 T - bucket - Best  time was 8.57 @ 159 MPH at Maitland in 1985.

Phil Archibald's Chevelle at Sanair  P.Archibald photo
Phil also sent us a couple more photos for this page {below}
Modified Compact Pinto  that John Armstrong raced for 1 or 2 seasons

P.Archibald photos
SS/IA Camero (1967)  built to run C/SM by Allyn Armstrong then sold to
Eric Petagrew to run SS , then raced by John Armstrong, sold to Larry
Elliot now believed to be in  Moncton,NB.
Editor's 1964 Nova  H / SA  327- 250 HP  Photo

ABOVE: Vince Hazel - A Nova Scotia car - NHRA Record Holder 1974-5-6
The most likeable and  helpful guy in the sport. Vince won a lot of races  and set and reset the National Record in U/SA many times.B. Murphy Photo
Wendell Howes with his SS/DA Challenger which he ran before building
his SS/AA Cuda, I believe it is still a Street car in PEI.

The Heritage Cedar Homes SS/EA 1969 Camaro

Stan's Speed Shop SS/IA Camaro at  Sanair - year unknown
Stan's car is a 68 Camaro 350-295hp which is the same engine both
John Armstrong ran in his SS/IA Camaro and Fred Thibeault ran in
his 69 SS/JA Camaro