Readers Rides Page 6
Readers Rides Page 6
Name: Wayne Bourque
Year/Make/Model/Class/Number: 1989 Mustang LX  PRO 306
Best ET: 10.96   Best MPH: 126

Name: Robert J. Burke Hometown: River Ryan
Car number and class: Street 2406
Make /Year / Model / Colour: 1988 Chevy Sportside
Engine Specifications: 355 Cu Inch SBC, Eagle Crank,Rods, Speed Pro Flat Tops, Comp Thumper Cam, Aluminum Rpm
Performer heads, 1.6 Roller Rockers,Rpm Performer Intake, Headman Headers 750 hp Holley Carb Carb,HEI distributer.
3500 Stall converter, Turbo 350 Tranny Moser mini spool with 410 Richmond gears. Hoosier 28 x 10.5 x 15 slicks.
Chassis Specifications: Stock,4160,lbs with driver.
Best ET / MPH: 12.81 at 105 mph, 1.77- 60 ft at Miramichi Team Race
Home Track: Cape Breton Dragway
Personal Race Schedule: 4 in Cape Breton,one in Greenfield and PEI.
Name: Barry Grosset  Hometown: Sydney
Car number and class: Pro #302B
Make /Year / Model / Colour: 1987 Mustang blue / white in colour
1970 302 BOSS, STOCK (NO MODS), BEST ET.:12.00 AT 111MPH.
Name: Keith  Grosset    Hometown - Sydney
Year/Make/Model/Class/Number: 1981 Ford Mustang S/PRO 351C
Best ET: 10.50  Best MPH: 127
Name: Dave Reardon  Hometown: North Sydney
Car number and class: Street #2401
Make /Year / Model / Colour: 1981 Camaro white in colour
 The 2004 season is the first year racing. The car has a 350 Chevrolet motor and is running 14.00 seconds at 100.22 MPH. The car is mostly stock and has a little cam.
Name: Johnson Hastie   Hometown: Sydney Mines
Car number and class: Street #2157
Make /Year / Model / Colour: 1980 AMC Eagle multicolour with flames
 This car had a good 2003 season with a 350 chevrolet motor and over the winter the motor was changed to a 360 amc motor. The car has had a couple of problems so far this year but when they are worked out keep your eyes on this car because this eagle is going to soar.

Name: Brian Woodfine
Hometown: North Sydney
Car number and class: Pro** #C85
**Update Sept 9 / Editor's note: With a 13.03 at Raceway Park PEI over the Labour day weekend(left) Brian had to make the switch to Pro class.
Make /Year / Model / Colour: 1985 Camaro Green
2003 season was first season to run. Ran in the high 14's low 15's with problems. Done lots of work over winter. Some mods were bigger motor went from a 305 to 350 bigger cam 490 lift. bored block out .030 possi traction rear end with 411 gears and a little more. ***2004 season went great. Attended every CB Dragway meet and Labor Day weekend in PEI. After hitting 13 flat down the Island hoping to get the car into 12's next year. Only breakage this year was a 7 and a half inch rear end at the last race at CB Dragway. Hope to see some old friends next year and meet a couple new ones    ***updated Nov 17
Name: Brian Woodfine Jr.    Hometown:North Sydney
CBDRA MEMBER  Home Track: Cape Breton Dragway
Class and Car # C85A Pro   Yellow 1986 Mustang
This ford car is backed with a small block chevrolet 350. It has A .490 lift cam with flat top pistons and a set of .194 heads and is bored out .030 Best pass through the strip yet was 15.9 but that was just feeling the car out there is still a lot more left to this car and when it gets it chance this Pony's Heartbeat will beat fast.
Car has hit mid thirteens at the first race of 2006 at Cape Breton Dragway with a 13.64 at 102.50 mph. The car still has a little more in it yet and still adding some things such as shift kit and high stall convertor..
Update: October 2006
2006 season started off ok with starting to run thirteens the first weekend then went bad blowing up an engine the second race at Cape Breton on friday but getting the spare bullet in her for sat proved to be great when she started hitting 12's and went to the pro class With my best run coming last pass of the season 12.36@110.28. The car also took a second place in the duck race in Oct With my father driving (Brian Woodfine Sr)so thanks for making that happen Da But I still hold the cars records!!!
Name: Scott Sprague   Hometown: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Membership: ADRA/NSDRA    Car number and class: S/M 834
Make /Year/Model/Colour: 1992 Dodge Dakota  
Engine Specifications:      5.2L, 318 magnum Mopar pcm ,Fastman
50mm TB ,Hughes stage I ported intake,Hughes .480/.489 roller cam,
Biondo Line lock,MSD 6AL,MSD two-step with adjustable low rpm module,
MSD coil with 8.5mm wires MP cap & rotor,Ravin muffler,3 inch exhaust,
stock manifolds,SMR 11" 3000 stall torque converter
Auburn LSD,3.92 Richmond ring gear & pinion  26x8 Mickey Thompson slicks
Best ET / MPH: 14.289@ 96.98    Home Track: Greenfield
Personal Race Schedule:  Greenfield & ADRA events
UPDATED* Sept 7 2006
Daryl H. Bishop - Better Service Insurance LTD.
344 King Street
Bridgewater NS
B4V 1A9  (902) 543-0485
Updated Oct 7 2004
Raceway Park PEI - Photo by Darryl Gallagher
Name: Gary Pozzebon        Hometown: Gardiner Mines
Year/Make/Model/Class/Number: 1981 Mazda  Super Pro 189
Engine: 514 cu. in. Ford    Powerglide transmission
Home Track: C.B. Dragway    Best ET: 9.07   Best MPH: 150
Editor's Note: Gary is the current President and also one of the founding
members of the Cape Breton Drag Racing Association.
Car number and class: S/G 1411  
Make /Year / Model / Colour: 1969 Plymouth Barracuda, blue and white
Engine Specifications: 452 cu in Chrysler bb
Chassis Specifications: ladder bar, coil overs, NHRA certified
Best ET / MPH: 9.05    Home Track - Sydney
Henk Neisten - Millville Cape Breton
Street /Sportsman #505
Best  ET 14.45 at 93.9 mph
Make/Model:  Ford Faimont  1981
Engine: Olds Cutlass 1983 stock  305
Rear end 1969 Mustang  
2002 P.E.I. points series   1st place   2002 ADRA points series 3rd place   
2003 ADRA points 2nd place
hp 158 torque 245  dyno tested.
Looking forword to this year racing and meeting new friends.
Rosa Neisten - Millville Cape Breton
Street /Sportsman #505A
Best ET  16.91
Make/Model: Chevrolet truck 1998
Engine: stock six cylinder
Started racing 24th of July 2003 and clocked first .500 light  that same weekend.  Went to 4th place in gamblers race on the 13th of  Aug. Lost to son Ben who had a perfect light (.500) In PEI 21st of September won ADRA event Street class.
Name: Robert Porporino   Hometown: Chestnut Ridge NY
Car number and class: Heavy Street
Make /Year / Model / Colour: 1966 Dodge Coronet Platinum Metallic
Engine Specifications: 452 11.50:1, Edelbrock Aluminum heads, Crane Roller Cam, Crane Roller Rockers, M1 Intake, Hooker Super Comp Headers, 727 Reverse Manual, 3500 Stall, 8 3/4 430 Ratio Moser Axles Sure Grip
Chassis Specifications: Super Stock springs in the rear with drag shocks, 11.5 Hoosier Quick Time Pro Street Slicks, Mini Tubs
Best ET / MPH: 11.372 @ 119.10     Home Track: Island Dragway NJ
Name: Dean Abbott   Hometown: Clarenville
Car number and class: 116 pro
Make /Year / Model / Colour: Plymouth 1974 Scamp black red yellow white
Engine Specifications: 355 chevy 425hp 10:1 flattops dart II sportsmans
Chassis Specifications: ford 9" 4:11 gears, strange axles, spool
Best ET / MPH: 11.92@114Mph
Home Track: Clarenville
Photo supplied  by car owner
Name: Ed Geldart       Hometown: Colpitts Settlement N.B.
Make /Year / Model / Colour: 1971 Plymouth with red stripe.
Engine Specifications: 446 cubic inch,trw 11.5 pistons,mopar performance .590 solid cam,edelbrock aluminum heads,victor 440 intake,barry grant race demon.
Chassis Specifications: 727 torqflite,turbo action 9 inch j converter & valve body.strange 35 spline spool&axles,4.88 gears.bears ladder bars with strange coil overs.  Best ET / MPH: 10.79@123 before heads.intake&carb
Home Track: Miramichi
Personal Race Schedule: as many as money will allow.
Photo by George White
Name: Butts Brothers Racing  Hometown: Port Morien C.B N.S
Car number and class: Pro  #1947  
Make /Year / Model / Colour: 1987 Olds 2Door Black
Engine Specifications: 350 CHEVY Bored 30 over Vortec Heads,Rollertip rockers,Vortec r.p.m.performer intake,Extreme energy comp cam,arp rod bolts,6al msd,Super coil,750 holley dual feed.391 posi rear end 350 turbo trans with stage 2 shift kit  Chassis Specifications: Full frame  
Best ET / MPH: 12.48 at 109.6 mph;  Home Track: C.B. Dragway
Name: Keith Johnston    Hometown: Bass River,N.S.
Car number and class: 1333 S/PRO
Make /Year / Model / Colour: 1969 Camaro Z-28 white
Engine Specifications: 427 +30,oval port heads,850 holley
Chassis Specifications: ladder bar w/coil over--Dana 4.88 stock front frame
Best ET / MPH: 10.79 @ 124.49   Home Track: Miramichi
Photo by George White
Name: John Beaton   Hometown: New Waterford, NS
Car number and class:  # 2318 Street Class
Make /Year / Model / Colour: 1969/Dodge/Coronet/Lemon Twist  
Engine Specifications: 440 cu. 727 Trans.
Chassis Specifications:  Stock
Best ET / MPH: 13.84 @ 99mph
Home Track: Cape Breton Dragway
Personal Race Schedule: All CB Dragway Events
Name: Corey Massey Hometown: Bridgewater, Nova Scotia
Car number and class: pro406g
Make /Year / Model / Colour: red 87 CamaroIROC
Engine Specifications: 406 sbc 9.5 compresion, solid roller, protopline heads.
Chassis Specifications: th350 3000 stall, 3.70 gears
Best ET / MPH: 11.26@123mph
Home Track: Greenfield Dragway
Personal Race Schedule: All Greenfield maybe more
Name: Tommy Coughlan  Hometown: Renous,N.B.
Car number and class: Super Pro 628
Make /Year / Model / Colour: 1988 Ford Mustang
Engine Specifications: 351 winsdor motor,11.1 comp.750 holley victor jr intake.
Chassis Specifications: 4.10 gears,29*9 tires,C4 trans
Best ET / MPH: 10.31@130mph
Home Track: Miramichi Dragway
Name: Jonathan Reid   Hometown: Heart's Delight, NFLD
Car number and class: #960 , Street Class
Make /Year / Model / Colour: 1996 Ford Mustang GT , Blue
Engine Specifications: Superchargered 4.6L SOHC,Bullit intake,Forged pistons and rods,Stock heads/cams,Pro-M meter and 42lb injectors,FRPP headers, Basssnni "X"-pipe, Dynomax catback.
Chassis Specifications: 4.10:1 gears,moser 31 spline axles,Maximum Motorsport control arms, Kenny Brown subframe connectors,FRPP lowering springs
Best ET / MPH: best E.T-12.407 best MPH-114.42
Home Track: Clarenville
Personal Race Schedule: 2003 Street Car Shoot-out Real street winner,
 2003 Street car class winner
Name: Bill Dicks Hometown: Mount Pearl, Nfld.
Car number and class: 202 Street Class
Make /Year / Model / Colour: 1998 Pontiac WS6 Formula. Black, 6-speed.
Engine Specifications: 5.7L LS1, GM Hotcam, FLP longtube headers, Borla
catback, Hypertech, ported TB, ASP pulley.  Chassis Specifications: Moser
12 bolt with 4.11's, Spohn LCA's, Nitto drag radials.
Best ET / MPH: 12.64 / 115.29mph    Home Track: Clarenville, Nfld.