Readers Rides page 5
Readers Rides page 5
Name: Ivan Noonan
Year/Make/Model/Class/Number: 1980 Chevy Malibu Wagon, S/Pro 650
427 BBC by A&J Automotive, Turbo 350 trans, 4.88 12 Bolt with Spool,
Bear Axles, Chromoly Drive Shaft.
Best ET/MPH: 10.27 @ 131 mph
Personal Race Schedule: All PEI meets in 2008
**Moved from our Milestones page Feb 3 (new photo)

Name: Darrell Poole  Hometown: Dartmouth Nova Scotia
Car number and class: PRO /355
Make /Year / Model / Colour: 1975 Nova Burgandy
Engine Specifications: 355 ,Victor tall,Eagle rods,12.5manley,Dart iron eagle,
Comp cam,750Demon
Chassis Specifications: Moroso trick springs front,Chassis enginering coil overs and ladder bars,9 inch 4:10 ratio,frame connected.
Best ET / MPH: 11.36@118mph  Home Track: Greenfield
Personal Race Schedule: as many as the old pocket book can handle!
Name: Ben Keirstead
Year/Make/Model/Class/Number: 1996/Acura/Integra R/Pro 11
Best ET: 13.36 Best MPH: 106mph
2003 Season Report / Changes for 2004: Rough year, broke 8 axleshafts, 2
bellhousings, 2 differentials, third gear, cracked header a few times, etc. but all in all had a blast, and drove home every time, always bring lots of parts.
Name: Angelo LaPorte  Hometown: Sydney N.S
Car number and class: C89
Make /Year / Model / Colour: Dodge/96/Neon/Green&Yellow  
Engine Specifications: Mitsubishi 2.0L SOHC, ported and polished head,titanium valve springs, three angle valve job, Comp Cams Nitrous camshaft, Accel 24lb injectors, ZEX Nitrous Kit adjustable from 55 to 75HP,Comp Cams adjustable cam gear, MSD programable DIS2 with an MSD tach adapter, Pacesetter header, Raven muffler with 2.5" pipe 8MM Taylor Plug Wires, Custom cold air intake.
Chassis Specifications: 5 Speed trans with Centre Force Dual Fricton Clutch, Energy Suspension Motor mount inserts, Complete Energy Suspension Bushing kit for rest of chassis, Fast lowering springs, MT slicks 20/8/14.
Best ET / MPH: 14.133/94mph with 1.86 60ft
Home Track: Cape Breton Dragway
Personal Race Schedule: All Cape Breton Races in 2003
Name: Chris Chapman - Belmont NS Car number and class: Pro, F/CM 1090
Make /Year / Model / Colour: 1985 Chev Camaro, Grey
Engine & Chassis Specs / Vehicle History: Chapman Torque Arm, 8.5 Ten bolt, Comp
Eng Shocks, Air Bags, TH350, MacKay Converter. 353 SBC, 4Bolt, Steel Crank.
Flattops, .510/.533 and 318/328dur Speed Pro Hyd. Cam.  Vortec Heads.
Chassis Specifications: TH350, shift kit, stock front susp, rear springs and control arms, Chris Chapman adjustable torque arm.  Home Track:  Greenfield
Personal Race Schedule: adra meets + some other
***Best ET: 12.16      Best MPH: 110.83
Hope to have legal 350 done for Epping 2005
Updated Feb 21 2005***
Name: Brad Clare  Hometown: Sydney, N.S
Car number and class: 2156 street
Make /Year / Model / Colour: Green 1991 Honda Civic
Engine Specifications: stock 1.5L
Chassis Specifications: Tom Motorsport Coilovers, 20X7X13 M&H slicks
Best ET / MPH: 15.485 @ 87.71mph- 75 shot of nos
Home Track: Cape Breton Personal Race Schedule: All CB races
Name: Bruce Buchanan  Hometown: Glace Bay
Car number and class: 2303 Street Class
Make /Year / Model / Colour: Mercury 2003 Marauder Black
Engine Specifications: 4.6 liter / 281 cubic inch 365 hp
 Best ET / MPH: 14.72 / 97.2 MPH -  Home Track: Cape Breton
Name: Lewis MacDonald  Hometown: New Glasgow,NS
Car number and class: 183 Pro
Make /Year / Model / Colour: 1970 Chevelle Black w/ Orange Stripes
Engine Specifications: 396 SS
Home Track: PEI Raceway Park
Personal Race Schedule: Most of the PEI races a couple Sydney,1 or 2
Queens County, maybe 1 ADRA Miramichi
Best ET: 12.80  Best MPH: 106
2003 Season Report / Changes for 2004: We got a lot of engine work done over the it all cleaned and workin good.. and improved by .5 of a second!
George White photo
Name: Kelly MacKay  Hometown: Mineville ,N.S.
Car number and class: P3000
Make /Year / Model / Colour: Dodge Dart GT, 68 yellow
Engine Specifications: 360 380hp crate motor as of may 30
2003 it will have 440  Chassis Specifications: stock
*** Updated March 8 Best ET: 10.93  Best MPH: 126.***
Changes for 2004: Add a new 4-link***
2004 Season Report / Changes for 2005: Installed 1957 2 X 4''s Cartier WCFB''s - they work great with the four speed.
Very nice site. Just lucked on to it.  I live in Ont Canada, born in Enfield N.S - The 2nd photo (left)  was taken at Woodward Ave cruise last year. It was a blast. My car has a 69 350 4 bolt. Mild cam 202 heads 4 speed 336:1 posi.
Best ET: 13:80  Best MPH: 100.02
Dennis Stuart
Car number and class: 3976 Q/R
Make /Year / Model / Colour: 2000 S-10 PROSTOCK TRK
Engine Specifications: CHEV BB 540
Chassis Specifications: RICHARD ERLE SPEC:25-1C
Best ET / MPH: 8.45 @161
Home Track: CB-DRAG  Personal Race Schedule: NB/NS
Name: Jim(BONES)Mac Kinnon Hometown: Glace Bay,NS
Car number and class: None yet (Under Construction)
Make /Year / Model / Colour: Dodge 1975 Dart Mopar lime green
 with bumblebee black stripe
Engine Specifications: Now-BB400,set of fenderwell headers,Edelbrock performer+ cam,Edel.torker intakeW/800DP holley4780,set of comp cams valve springs,self porting done on 975 heads new dist. Years end 496 stroker  
Chassis Specifications: 727 Trans W/3800 conv.,8 3/4 rear-4.56,superstock
 springs moved in 3" per side,sub-frame connectors,driveshalf hoop,
hoping on ladder bars@floaters. Home Track: Sydney
George white photo
Name: Greg MacDonald   Hometown: Sydney
Car number and class: 115/PRO
Make /Year / Model / Colour: Chev/85/MonteCarloSS/Black
Engine Specifications: ZZ4/350/355hp/100hpNOS
Chassis Specifications: Orginal
Best ET / MPH: 12.39/108.70  Home Track: Sydney
From our Inbox(update form): Jan 18 2005    Name: George Crooks
Year/Make/Model/Class/Number: 56 Chev 3100 stepside
Hopefully put a 350 Vortec or 454 in it for 2005 and make a couple of trips
down the 1/4 mile in low 13s / high 12s. Great site!
Editor's Photo Tip: George was able to send his photo directly from our update
form by simply adding the image URL to the comment box. This saves us a
step during the update process.
Photo by Editor- Raceway Park PEI Sept 2003
Name: Clayton Burt   Hometown: Sydney Mines
Car number and class: 2151, Street Class
Make /Year / Model / Colour: 1981 Pontiac Trans Am, Dark Green
Engine Specifications: 350 Small Block, Bored out 030. a little cam. Everything else is stock. Torker Dome with a 600 Holley. Posi with 456 gears. 29X9 Slicks. 2500 Stall.
Chassis Specifications: Original front sub frame, frame connectors to a new frame constructed in my garage with the help of a few other drag racers.
Best ET / MPH: 13.95 @ 99MPH  Home Track: Sydney airport
**Editor's Note: ET/MPH info is out dated - Clayton got in the 12's in 2003
Personal Race Schedule: Made last set of races in 2002, Hopefully all in Sydney this year (2003) and one in PEI on Labor Day weekend.
Name: Steve Burns/Micheal Burns
Hometown: Albert Bridge ns  Car number and class: #? s/pro
Make /Year / Model / Colour: 1994 S10,2DR short box ' blue, Harwood Scoop
Engine Specifications: 355 cid 3.48; 13.5-1,Manley,Forged steel crank ;Eagle3D rods , 6.25 roller cam 1.60/1.5,pro1 Aluminum heads, Victor jr ,Stockcar overtop 1.3/4 headers 7al-2 ,msd 3 stage ,Crank trigger,csi water pump,oil accumulator
Chassis Specifications: Stock front ,Homemade rear 2X3,10point cage, 3WAY Coilover shocks,Ladder bars,14x32et drags on rear, et drag Frontrunners,all mounted on weld stars,Aluminum race seat,Removeable Wheel, 5gal Fuel cell, BG Fuel system, Brent Campbell Interior/tubs  Home Track: Sydney
Name: Rick Wilson Hometown: Jacksonville New Brunswick
Car number and class: 1212 SS/IA
Make /Year / Model / Colour: Chevrolet / 1969 / Camaro / Maroon
Engine Specifications: 1969 Chevrolet NHRA & IHRA Superstock 255hp 350,
NHRA & IHRA rated at 290hp
Chassis Specifications: A & J Automotive & Machine Superstock Four Link Chassis with a NHRA & IHRA approved Chrome Moly Cage .
Best ET / MPH: 10.41@ 126.00 Home Track: Miramichi Dragway Park
Name: Brian Hedd   Hometown: Halifax Nova Scotia
Car number and class: B210
Make /Year / Model / Colour: 1990 Honda VFR750F Red
Engine Specifications: barnett pro cluch aftermarket sprockets and chain
Chassis Specifications: lowered front end road racing slick
Best ET / MPH: 12.59 @114mph  Home Track: Cape Breton
Personal Race Schedule: all the Cape Breton Races
and the ADRA Schedule.
Name: Kevin Sampson Hometown: Sydney
Car number and class: #7 Pro Make /Year / Model / Colour: Chev,1984 Camaro, white/black Engine Specifications: 350ci, Weiand intake, 650 Holly with Holly fuel delivery, 292 turbo heads, long tube headers, trubo 350 with a stage 3 kit, B&M 3500 stall, B&M shifter, VDO gages. Chassis Specifications: Rear coil overs, 8 3/4 Dodge with spool,adjustable ladder bars, frame tied, Weld Racing with 26x9 Hoosiers
Best ET / MPH: 11.87@116.9   Home Track: Cape Breton Dragway
Name: Scott Gouthro  Hometown: Sydney N.S.
Car number and class: PRO 306
Make /Year / Model / Colour: 1988 Ford Mustang 5.0L Coupe Blue  
Engine Specifications: 1988 302 Fuel Injection with Cobra Intake,Mac Long Tube Headers,MSD 6AL, MSD Blaster2 Coil,Ford Motorsports 9mm wires,B303 Ford Motorsports Cam,Block is punched .030 over with cast pistons, Stock heads with a three angle valve job no port work.
Chassis Specifications: Stock five speed trans. with Lakewood bullet proof bellhousing and scatter sheild, Heavy duty motorsports clucth and pressure plate,with 3.73 gears in the 8.8 rear end subframe connecters,driveshaft loop to hook up a set of 26*9*15 Hoosier Drag slicks
Best ET / MPH: 12.88/104Engine &12.30/110 80Shot NOS  
Home Track: Sydney Airport
George White photo
Name: Fudge Racing  Hometown: Sussex
Car number and class: Pro #695
Make /Year / Model / Colour: 1972 Dodge Demon Colour Orange
Engine Specifications: 360  Chassis Specifications: stock
Best ET / MPH: 12.31 118mph
Name: Gordon Raniere  Hometown: Harrietsfield Nova Scotia
Car number and class: no number ran in I and H/SA
Make /Year / Model / Colour: 1974 Duster ,Black
Engine Specifications: 360 built by Vince Hazel
Best ET / MPH: 12.54 on a 12.48 index at that time H/SA
Home Track: Sackville,Nova Scotia
Personal Race Schedule: Ran car in around 1983 for 1.5 seasons, family additions stop future racing, And yes it is sitting in driveway.
George White photo
Name: David Buchanan  Hometown: New Waterford Nova Scotia
Car number and class: ST400
Make /Year / Model / Colour: 1981 Pontiac Grand Prix LJ, Black
Engine Specifications: 1973 Pontiac 400, #62 Heads (home Ported),Performer RPM, 800cfm Quadrajet, stock cam,Turbo 350 transmission, 2200 stall converter
 Chassis Specifications: 7.5" 10 bolt with 3.42 Posi, traction bars, Factory Rally Wheels with 235-60-14 radials.
Best ET / MPH: 13.53 (on radials with closed exhaust) Home Track: Cape Breton
Name: David Buchanan  Hometown: New Waterford Nova Scotia
Car number and class: PRO442
Make /Year / Model / Colour: 1980 Olds Cutlass (442) Black/Gold Stripes
Engine Specifications: 1973 Olds 350, #7 Heads,10.5 forged pistons, Performer RPM, Holley 750, Mondello Cam, MSD 6AL Turbo 350 transmission, 4500 stall converter Chassis Specifications: Ford 9" 4.86/w spool, traction bars, chrome moly driveshaft, GoodYear Eagle 28x10 Slicks on Weld Pro Stars
***Best ET / MPH: 11.97    Home Track: Cape Breton
***Updated Dec 21/04